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Daycare and Pet Minding facility for your dog!

Dog daycare for your dog Monday through to Saturday!

Fully Council approved, Fully Airconditioned, Indoor & Outdoor Play Areas... Brisbane's Best Dog Daycare and Boarding Centre.


Our job is to keep your dog busy both mentally and physically through doggy daycare, so while you are at work, you are not worrying about them.  We employ Dog Trainers, Vet Nurses & Dog enthusiasts who are skilled in areas of body language and canine behaviour to ensure your dog gets the most out of daycare.

No more worries about barking dogs, seperation anxiety or backyard boredom... Dog daycare helps alleviate all these and more.....  Some of our current dogs attend daycare from 1 day per week up to 6 days per week.  Your choice, your budget, and your dog's day will be eventful, so that when you collect your dog, they are exhausted and ready for quiet time with you.

Your dog will enjoy two daily walks per day, a choice of two large play areas, daily activities including general good manners, obstacle training, retreival, socialisation, and meet other well behaved canine friends.  When its rest time, your dog will be placed in our fully air-conditioned room to get their second wind in rediness for the afternoon activites and walk.  We also offer a lunch time menu for your dog to enjoy the latest treats and chews.

All you need to bring along is your dog's current C5 vaccination, desexing certificate and records of updated worming and flea control.

All dogs receive individual attention throughout the day including brushing, cuddles and lots of TLC.  

Other services we offer are Overnight Boarding, Hydrobath, Grooming, Obedience Training, pick-up service & special care.

 Pricing for Daycare


Daycare casual visit - $60.00 Per day

Daycare permanent Booking (conditions apply)

  • One Dog attending 1 days per week $45.00 per week
  • One Dog attending 2 days per week $85.00 per week
  • One Dog attending 5 days per week $190.00 per week
  • One Dog attending 1 day per  fortnight $48.00 per visit

Prices are for dogs attending daycare on a permanent weekly contract for 12 calendar months.

Pre-Purchase pass: (Permanent Dogs)

  • Blue Card - 10 Day Purchase (to be used within 12 weeks) - $390.00 ($39 per day)
  • Green Card - 20 Day Purchase (to be used within 24 weeks) - $690.00 (34.50 per day)
  • Silver Card ( 6-month Membership - unlimited daycare + 10% disc on products and services) - $3000.00
  • Gold Card (12-month Membership - unlimited daycare + 10% disc on products and services - $5000.00

(Passes can be used on any day - if spaces available)

Daycare hours

Mondays through to Fridays 6.30am - 6.30pm.


Drop off: 6.30am - 8.30am (Around the back of the building)


Collection: 4.00pm - 6.30pm (Around the front of the building)

Saturdays: 6.30am - 5.00pm

Daycare is closed public holidays

A tired dog is a Happy Dog - A Happy Dog is a Happy Owner

Check out Oz Wagtails facebook page for daily updates on your pet!!!!

Extra Services  

Holiday Stay25659515_1637218053020618_5287385118199114473_n

Pet Holidays & Daycare - 7 days per week - 24hours per day. Going away on holidays or just overnight, your dog can enjoy its holiday as much as you do.  While on holidays at Wags Day Out, dogs receive daycare by day and into the night, then sleep in our fully air-conditioned room.  On arrival your dog will be pampered with a Hydobath, nail trim, and ears cleaned so thay are all fresh to enjoy their holiday.  No confinement to a kennel for 24 hours per day, no-one cleaning kennels while your dog is still in there, not a lousy 20 minute play time... no your dog is treated to a very intensive social and busy schedule so there is no time for stress or wandering about their owners.

Dogs are introduced to the playgroup of the day by a group walk, and upon their return to daycare, the fun begins.  During the day, your dog will receive all of the daycare activities including good manners training (if needed), ball play, obstacle training and even cuddle time, plus the enjoyment of playing with a large group of canine freinds.  At night your dog will be taken up to their individual bed area and given top quality food, existing of Royal Canin, or Advance or an all natural diet, depending on their taste.  A late night play session and cuddle time before turning in for the night in rediness for the next day. The room is fully air-conditioned so that all dogs are comfortable.

Before your dog goes home another hydrobath is given to ensure your dog is fresh and clean.  Our prices for boarding are all inclusive there are not hidden charges - all hydobaths, walks, playtime, etc are included.

Prices - 

Boarding - 24 hour day care23905342_1608194315922992_8998728324732866043_n

  • Overnight stay - $60 per night
  • Single Night Stay on a Friday/Saturday/Sunday night (24 hour period) -  $80.00 
  • Public Holidays/School Holidays - $65.00 per night (24 hour period)
  • Multiple dogs - receive a 10% discount on each dog.
  • Xmas and Easter stay - Minimum five nights - $65.00 per night (BOOK EARLY TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT) 

Please note for the benefit of your dog to help settle in with their new friends we ask that all dogs arrive AM. Collection can be made at am or pm by arrangement - no public holiday PM pick-ups or drop offs.

If you choose a PM Collection an additional $35.00 fee will be charged.

Hours for Drop off and Collections for Boarding dogs:-

Monday - Friday      
8.00am - 10.00am
4.00pm - 5.00pm

Saturday, Sunday 

8.00am - 10.00am  Or   4.00pm - 5.00pm

Closed on Public Holidays

  Daycare and Training 

5 day or 10 day intensive obedience programs.

Going away on holidays and would benefit from not only pet minding but obedience training!!  At Wags Day Out your dog will enjoy one great holiday as well as receive training every day.  This intensive training program establishes your obedience commands to a higher level and also introduces new commands as well.  Our behaviour program ensures we teach good manners like not going through doorways first, sit for meals, walk nicely on a loose lead, stays, and of course the most important exercise is to come when called.

  • Full Daycare activities.
  • Full 24hour boarding program.
  • Two 1/2 hour training sessions per day.
  • Full presentation and private lesson on collection.
  • Follow-up training in group classes - 3 lessons.
  •                                                                                                                                      Price: $  550.00 all inclusive - 5-day intensive.
  •                                                                                                                                                 $1000.00 all inclusive - 10 day intensive 


Our grooming salon is open to dog owners that would like to keep their dogs looking and feeling great.  Our qualified groomers offers breed clips, general clips and clips to your desire.  All dogs that are clipped or groomed receive one price which includes hydrobath, ears cleaned and plucked, 

  • Grooming salon - Bookings Essential
  • Open Everyday (except Sunday)
  • All Breeds all ages.
  • Qualified groomer, vet nurse & dog trainer.
  • Clipping, or Grooming.


Mission Statement

To provide animal owners a place where they can leave their pet dogs and trust their well-being is taken in high regard. To ensure all dogs are exercised and enjoy play time under supervision under dog trainers and vet nurses to promote the utmost in behaviour. To provide a fun and pleasurable environment for all pet dogs that stay at wags day out

Wags day out is not all about the play session, its about their behaviour during the play, the time frame and the interaction between dogs of all sizes and breeds. There will also be walk times, rest times and fun times which include massages, brushing and cuddle time. Our staff are highly trained in areas such as canine body language, psychology, breed characteristics and age limitations.

Most pet owners find that while their dogs attend dog day care on a weekly basis, that most of the unwanted behaviour problems around the home are eliminated. Why? Because no longer are dogs bored by being left in the back yard