Oz Wagtails company was formed in 2006, formally Wagtails Obedience Training which commenced business in November 1991 formed by Tabitha & Richard Young.

A family orientated business was created to help dog owners train their dogs in areas of obedience and good manners. We pride ourselves with listening to the wants andneeds of our customers over the years, and have adopted a training and behaviour program which others have since copied.

Still 21 years on, training up to 1000 dogs per year, our business continues to grow in strength with our new Dog Daycare Centre giving, once again, a service required by dog owners. The daycare was formed to enable people own a dog and be able to work the long hours required by the modern family.

Tabitha is strong believer in walking her talk. Every part of her courses have been tried and tested on her own dogs. Everything she and her trainers recommend, have worked with 1000’s of other dogs and her own. Her family unit includes a very supportive husband, two very talented children who have grown up in the “dog” world and are fast becoming, if not already, excellent dog handlers themselves.

Tabitha is highly competitive in the obedience and now the Dancing with Dogs ring, as you can see by her own dogs. Having also competed with Border Collies and German Shepherds she ventured out into the gundog world and trained a Golden Retriever. Having gained many obedience titles with all her dogs over the past 20 years she has also coached many top competitors to do the same. Tabitha’s love for the sport engaged her to become a senior obedience judge with Dogs Qld and this usually takes her all over Australia juding obedience on all levels. Certified in England as a Dog Behaviourist, Original Australian Canine Good Citizen trainer, Certified Military Dog Handler, plus many other certificates including a Certificate 4 in Training and Assessing.

There are no fads, gimicks or even new inventions here at Oz Wagtails, all training given is what Tabitha uses on her own dogs. Our Classes are renown for its behaviour and obedience content. Our courses are designed to suit every dog owner and their need for a socialised, well mannered dog in our society.

Oz Wagtails has become one of the leaders in Dog Training and comes highly recommended by other trainers, veternarians and dog professionals.

A trainer of excellence having trained most of Brisbane’s vet nurses in puppy management, she has also trained many other trainers that have now since started their own businesses around Brisbane and Sydney.

This has also been acheived by very talented members of her staff. All of Oz Wagtail’s trainers have been trained by Tabitha in areas of animal behaviour and training methods. Our staff undergo 12 months of inital training, but in the world of training dogs, you never stop learning. Our trainers work together in helping our customers achieve the best results. Our staff are always attending seminars, training sessions and keeping up to date with international training standards.