Dog Obedience Classes - Sumner Park

All dogs over 4 months of age and all Breeds of dogs can do dog training. If you want to extend your relationship with your dog and build a better bond, have your dog more responsive to you, socialise with other dogs, correct unwanted behaviours, improve your handling, or just general obedinece – then we have the classes for you.

Level 1 – Basic Obedience

Need your dog to walk on lead and respond to basic commands around distraction of other dogs and people????   This class is you.!

Dogs over the age of 4 months, finished a puppy pre-school,  even if you have not done a puppy class or any formal training – than this class is for you.

Obedience training not only teaches your dog to sit, down, stand, come, stay and walk on a loose lead, it also promotes the communication between owner and dog so there is a greater understanding from both ends of the lead. These commands are learned with the distractions of other dogs and people to enhance control. We teach hand signals and verbal commands and work towards the dog responding without the use of rewards.

The course also teaches exercises, which are practical to your everyday activities with your dog like street walks, and good manners around the home.  Behaviour advise and training which helps you address those unwanted behaviours or helps to prevent bad behaviour from occurring.  Don’t forget our “fun attitude” we have here at Oz Wagtails, we also teach tricks, play games and do agility in this course – to show the owners what other sports their dog may excel at.

In a group of up to 10-12 people each lesson runs for 1 hour per week for a period of 8 weeks.

  • $210.00 per dog – including a training pack.
  • $200.00 per dog – If more than one dog per family – including a training pack.

To register for this class simply complete our client registration located below or on the front page of the website. You can also contact our office (07) 3279 6199.

Next Basic Course:- Monday 18th October 2021 at 6.30pm

Level 2 – Intermediate Obedience course

Wanting more to teach your dog?  Precision obedience, Agility, tricks and more off-lead control…. and a higher standard of obedience!

Six weeks of fun and games including powerful recalls, mind stimulating scent work, retrieval and advanced obedience exercises to enhance the overall control, accuracy and enjoyment for both dog and owner. This is the fun course as all the basic obedience has been achieved and now its down to real solid fun….. Bring along your dogs favorite tug toy, retrieval item and the equipment used in our level 1 course.

  • $150.00 per dog
  • $140.00 per dog if more than one dog per family

Next Course commences:-   Saturday 14th August 2021 at 7.00am