One Stop Dog Centre

Dog Daycare – so your dog no longer needs to stay home by themselves.  Great for socialisation, mental stimulation and physical exercise.

Dog Boarding – a place where dogs get more…. dog daycare by day and luxury kennels by night in a fully temperature controlled room.

Dog Training – using all methods of dog training to get the best results for you and your dog so that you can walk your dog easily and have a well-mannered pet.

Dog Grooming – a team of fabulous groomers who will groom your dog to make them look good for all seasons.

Dog Retail store – offering quality accessories, food and comfort for your dog. Also become a member and receive optimum discounts on our range of products.  Also our new on-line store will make this easier for you to order your food and have them available fr collection or delivered to your dog.

Oz Wagtails’ centre provides dog owners a place where they can leave their dogs and trust the well-being of all dogs is placed in high regard.

The centre is open from 6.30am through to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. We have specific pick-up and drop off times for owners to collect their dogs, so that all dogs have un-interrupted play and activities.

To ensure all dogs, are exercised both indoors and outdoors and enjoy play time under supervision by staff, educated in areas of dog behaviour, training and basic health and first aid.

Oz Wagtails keeps up to date records of all animals staying in our centre, and report to owners of any irregularities during their pet’s stay.

We want your dog to love all the services we provide her at Oz Wagtails, and that all staff build a relationship with your dog to they feel secure and stress free to enjoy their stay.

Our staff work tirelessly to ensure all areas of Oz Wagtails are clean at all times.  We use state of the art cleaning equipment and products to ensure the environment is pleasant for all that work and visit.

Oz Wagtails invest in quality play equipment, kennels and tools to ensure your dog can play without harm.

Our quality kennels ensures all dogs receive sufficient rest periods in a clean non-absorbic kennel.  The kennels are designed to house small, medium or large dogs. These kennels are located separate enclosed room, which is temperature controlled, for maximum rest environment.

Oz Wagtails has two Executive suites, designed to house dogs that require additional confinement due to medical conditions or age.  These areas allow dogs to stay. and receive constant medical attention in the form of medication and constant attention to ensure they are comfortable.  These are ideal for dogs recovering from surgery, or older dogs that need supervision.

Oz Wagtails use training methods that are positive and enjoyable for your dog to learn good manners, obedience & trick exercises.

Our quality groomers do a fantastic job of making your dog look fantastic in summer and winter.