Outdoor Play area

Our outdoor play area, which can be seen from the Centenary Highway, offers two large areas so that we can divide our dogs between small and large.  A large shade sail helps to keep the area cooler in Summer.

The areas are equiped with Agility Obstacles, Sand & Water stations, large grass area to run either with their friends, or chasing the ball.

Staff spend their mornings running around with the dogs, training them on the obstacles and throwing the ball so that they get worn out and are ready for their lunch time sleep.

The amount of time in our outdoor area depends on the weather.  Very hot days or rain days limits our time in the area.


Indoor Facility

Our indoor facility offers two main play area for small and large dogs.  We also have a Geriatric or puppy area which allows these dogs to play in their own environment away from the hustle and bustle of the active dogs.

This fully air conditioned area, allows dogs to play no matter what the weather.  The non-slip, non-absorbic flooring allows the dogs a safe and clean environment to play in.  It also allows for easy cleaning which prevents disease and keeps germ spreading to a minimum.

In our areas there are play ramps and stairs which form to make great climbing equipment.  These were imported from the US and are made from quality hard plastic for long wearing and easy to clean.

We also supply bedding for our dogs to lay on when they feel the need to have a rest.

Indoor toys are also added for dogs that want to lay down and chew.