Tabitha & Richard

Tabitha & Richard Young founded the business back in 1991 with Dog Obedience & Behaviour training classes.  Richard is the rock behind this relationship, working alongside Tabitha on weekends and evening, Richard’s background is in Sales & Marketing. Tabitha’s goals in mind, she wanted to create a one stop, dog shop to provide all services and needs for all client dogs. She also wanted to create a centre where people could send their furry friends for the day or for a holiday and be stress free. Dogs don’t need to be home – digging, barking or suffering separation anxiety, or overheating in our hot Queensland heat!  Oz Wagtails Dog Daycare / Boarding / Grooming and Training centre was formed in 2006 as a company and has continuing to grow into our new Centre located at Darra.

Tabitha not just loves dogs, she is committed to all dog related activities.  She is  on the committee for Dogs Queensland as well as a registered Senior ANKC Obedience judge. She judges & competes with her own dogs in Dog Obedience competitions Australia wide. Tabitha’s passion for animal is impeccable. Being raised her whole life with dogs & horses. She currently owns 5 beautiful dogs. Ruby her rescued Belgium Shepherd Malinois who has obtained her CCD, CD, CDX, UD & UDX obedience titles as well as 4 dancing with dogs titles. Her stunning black & white Border Collie, Whip has also won many hearts over in the Dancing arena as well as achieved his CCD, CD, CDX, UD, UDX and Grant Obedience titles and is currently training in herding. Onyx, her German Shepherd has achieved many ANKC Obedience titles and competes in Working Dog Schutzhund. Her newest edition to the family is Jinx. She is another Belgium Shepherd Malinois competing in working dog trials.  As well as Tabitha’s current dogs she has had many successful dogs in the past. Her Golden Retriever, Flame obtained many titles in Obedience, Agility & Dancing with Dogs – achieving her Australian Grand Champion Obedience title. Tabitha was contracted for 10 months working with the RAAF in their puppy development program. Tabitha’s involvement with Lone Pine where she was contracted to train Dingos.  this is one of her highlights of her career, training all 4 of their Dingos in areas of walking on lead, social skills and basic obedience exercises. With lots of experience behind her, she is a very knowledgable and dedicated woman!



Brittney is the daughter of Tabitha & Richard. She currently works at Oz Wagtails full time managing the Retail Store and Reception.  She also drives the dog daycare school bus all around Brisbane every morning collecting daycare & boarding dogs. Brittney has grown up with Oz Wagtails and together with her Business Degree and animal studies knowledge she is an asset to the company. Brittney is also very passionate with animal sports, and has gained a CD & CCD Obedience title with her own Jack Russell Terrier, Aria.  Aria has also won Dancing with dogs at the Brisbane Royal. Not only is Brittney great with handling dogs, she is also an excellent horse woman and competes in Eventing with her two horses.



Meet our Daycare Co-ordinator.   Brooke’s role, besides from playing with every dog here, is to co-ordinate the daily activities for all dogs to enjoy.  She also monitors the dogs alongside the staff to ensure every dog is receiving their daily play and activities.  Brooke is the face you see every afternoon when you come to collect your dog.  She will inform you of your dog’s day and also any information that is necessary to the well-being of your dog.

Brooke has joined our training team, assisting Richard in teaching puppy classes and she also assists training our 5-day intensive program where dogs stay with us and are trained in basic good manners, obedience and socialisation.



A vet nurse of over 20 years…. loves to come to work here at Oz Wagtails where she can play with all the dogs and monitor their play level.  With her vast amount of clinical experience, means that all the dogs receive regular health checks.

Davene owns a Border Collie, Bodie, and has started her obedience trialling with him.



Dakota loves nothing more than entertaining the dogs here at Oz Wagtails.  Dakota is a country girl who spends most of her weekends with her dogs, horses, goats & chickens. She has had a lot of experience working in a boarding kennel before coming to Oz Wagtails.

Dakota loves the daily activities especially Beach week and agility training.

Recently Dakota has joined the training division, where she is leaning how to be a dog trainer.  This will complement her role as a Daycare Attendant where Dakota already enjoys teaching the daycare dogs new tricks during trick training time.



Holly is our youngest member and just recently finished a school based work experience program.  Holly had so much fun and just loved working with the dogs, that she now works every Saturday morning and school holidays.