Training Staff at Oz Wagtails

When considering a trainer for your dog – look no further than the amount of talent here at Oz Wagtails. The members of staff have so much experience gained from their own personal achievements and from helping others, its not hard to see why we get great results.

A trainer should have vast amount of experience so they can help you with any behaviour or training problem. No point asking a person who has only trained a dog in puppy class to solve a problem of an adult dog – they can’t help you – because they have no experience in this area.

Our staff here at Oz Wagtails have undergone intensive training in areas of obedience and dog behaviour. A minimum of 12 months initial training which includes dog physchology, behaviour plus a good knowledge of different training methods is undertaken by each member. In addition to the many achievements which they have gained by walking the talk they teach.


Tabitha Young is a qualified behavioural trainer helping people to train their dogs in areas of behaviour management and obedience training.  Tabitha’s list of accolades include being contracted to the RAAF to assist the start of their breeding and socialisation program.  Training many dogs in areas of obedience & agility.  Her greatest reward other than successfully helping thousands of dogs owners to train their own dogs, but she also trained all four dingos at Lone Pine Sanctuary.

Tabitha is also a registered obedience judge with the Australian National Kennel Council and has obtained many obedience titles on her own dogs. A lover of all dogs sports Tabitha has recently stepped into the areas of tracking and herding training.



Pam first came to Oz Wagtails in 2000. She is a well credited dog trainer having successfully trained gundogs in England for hunting at gundog trials. She also lived in New Zealand where once again she excelled in gundog trials with breeds most people would not associate training with. These breeds included Irish and English and Irish Setters. Currently Pam has also trained Retreivers, both Labrador and Golden and is currently competing with her Golden Retriever.  She is a strong competitor in the obedience ring and is currently coaching many others in our advance class in the areas of competition.



Dorothy first came to Oz Wagtails some 12 years ago to train her tri-coloured Corgi. Don’t see many of these come through obedience which is a shame as part of the “working dog” group, they have a very high intelligence and this shows through the involvement Dorothy has with her Corgis. A highly competitive member in the obedience ring, flyball and Agility her knowledge of dog training methods have grown over the years. A retired nurse, Dorothy starting seeking to do obedience on a serious note, she joined Oz Wagtails staff in 2004 and is now helping lots of dog owners achieve the optimum from their dogs. She also brings lots of knowledge in the care and well being of our canine friends.

Dorothy is currently competing in the obedience competition ring, and she owns the only Corgi in Australia to have a UDX title. (the highest obedience level).



Brooke is currently our trainee puppy trainer.  She assists Richard to ensure she receives the quality of training to eventually take on some classes.

Brooke is no stranger to training, having worked in the daycare centre she has helped trained many dogs in areas of behaviour and obedience and trick training as part of her every day duties.

We are excited to see that Brooke wants to take on this role as an obedience instructor.

Richard Young

Richard’s is no slouch when it comes to training dogs…. His first dog was an Irish Setter and then later on trained many German Shepherds. He has also titled more than one dog in the obedience competitions.

Richards loves educating people on raising their puppies correctly and this is why he looks after our puppy classes.

Having a full time job away from Oz Wagtails, Richard enjoys his input into the business and especially the puppy classes.


Dakota is currently our trainee trainer learning all about the basic level of training.  She is currently training her 2nd American Staffordshire in basic training and is also pursuing an obedience career with her your dog.

Dakota is no stranger to training dogs, she does this everyday in our daycare facility as part of her everyday duties with teaching tricks, obedience and good manners.

We are very excited to have Dakota come on board to learn how to be an instructor.