Oz Wagtails offers a range of private lessons to suit you and your lifestyle

In Home Puppy Training

1-1/2 hour home private lesson where a trainer comes to your home and helps you with areas of puppy management and training. We cover everything from settling your puppy’s sleep habits to toilet training and also to start off on the right paw and teach good manners.

1-1/2 hour in-home Puppy Training: $210.00

In-home Obedience Training

Have an area of obedience with your dog that you would like more information on? It could be to walk on lead, or not come when called, or even to prevent jumping up on visitors when they arrive!!

This one hour visit – gives you the information and demonstrates how effective this method can work on your dog.

Results Guaranteed

1 hour In-home Obedience Training: $210.00
1/2 hour Field/Store Obedience Training: $70.00

In-Home Behaviour Consultation

Behaviour in dogs can be interesting and often the pet owner needs advise on dealing with special behaviour problems. Unfortunately dogs cannot tell us what is wrong with them, but they are very good at using body language and expressing different behaviours. Through observating your dogs behaviour within your home, and discussing areas of your conern about your dogs, tells our canine behaviourist a lot about what is going on in your dog’s mind. Behaviour Consultations are around 2 hours long, but follow-ups are very necessary in correcting or manageing behaviour. Written programs are also given to ensure everyone in the family has the information to acheive success.

2-hour Consultation and follow-up session (including written program): $395.00

5-Day Intensive

A short cut way to have your dog obedience trained to walk on lead, come when called, sit, down and stay. A trainer comes to your home or your dog can stay with us and receive one hour per day of intensive training. At the end of the training, a private lesson is give to you so that you understand all the commands. This is followed up with four class lessons to ensure your communication with your dog is correct, and this also allows you to seek further advise on behaviour and training.

5 Day Intensive Training: $610.00
10-Day Intensive Training: $1200.00