Oz Wagtails - The Leader in Puppy Training

The first business in Brisbane to run puppy training. Tabitha Young has helped developed many puppy classes for vet nurses and obedience trainers in Brisbane. Her expertise in this area earned her the inital contract for the RAAF to develop a puppy socialisation and development program for the future military working dog.

The Oz Wagtails 6-week courses are designed to help the new puppy owner in areas of socialisation, biting of hands, toilet training, develping good manners and understanding the developmental stages of the puppy. As well as introduce obedience exercises that your puppy will learn very quickly by using positive reinforcement methods that suit every dog.

Puppy training can be either in-home or at one of our many classes.

In-home Puppy Training

A consultant comes to your home to help you establish a puppy training program for you in the privacy of your own home. It helps puppy owners with setting up their home to ease the stresses of owning new puppy.

We look at Sleeping areas, prevention of biting, attention barking, toilet training, raising a puppy with children, boredom busters, and how to socialise your puppy safely, plus much more.

1-1/2 hours of useful information for you and your family – $180.00

Puppy Class – (Group Classes)

This is our most popular class…. Where you come with your puppy to learn all about the behaviour and training of your new puppy.

Designed for puppies from 8 to 16 weeks of age. It covers areas of socialisation through play, Obedience exercises using positive reinforcement to enhance learning and behaviour.  Puppy owners become educated in understanding canine body language and behaviour to help deal with areas of puppyhood like biting of hands, toilet training, crate training and prevention of unwanted behaviours. We also give lots of information on environmental stimulation to prevent your puppy from becoming bored, without over stimulating them.  Children are more than welcome in these classes to help establish good training habits.

Puppy classes are designed to socialize your puppy in an environment which is safe and our staff are qualified to understand canine body language and behaviour to ensure your puppy receives the optimum socialisation and training. We also play games, teach tricks in readiness for basic obedience.

This course runs one hour per week for six weeks.

  • $150.00 Per Puppy – Includes Puppy Pack.
  • $140.00 Per Puppy if more than one puppy per family – including puppy pack.

Our puppy class graduates enter our obedience level 1 on the third week due to our extensive puppy course.

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